Filmography of James Manis – Actor

Jim as Aldo Cella
James Manis as Aldo Cella

Filmography of James Manis

Actor, Los Angeles, CA

Filmography of James Manis – Actor that appeared in many films, television programs and commercials during his long career. Most famously as the beloved Aldo Cella, the charismatic spokesperson for Cella Wines for 9 years, 1977-1986. Jimmy made noticeable appearances in the major films Fame, Defending Your Life, Loving and Going in Style.


Filmography of James Manis - Defending Your Life
Defending Your Life
Filmography of James Manis - Going in Style
Going in Style



The George Carlin Show (TV series)

1992-1993 Knots Landing (TV series)

(1992) 1991 Defending Your Life

1987 L.A. Law (TV series)

1980 Fame

1979 Going in Style

1970 Loving

  • Character: Guido
  • George Goes on a Date: Part 2 (1994)
  • Character: Stefano
  • The Getaway (1993)
  • A Death in the Family (1993)
  • The Price
  • Character: Eduardo
  • Character: Judge Lorimar
  • Goldilocks and the Three Barristers (1987)
  • Character: Bruno’s Uncle
  • Character: Hot Dog Vendor
  • Character: Charles