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James Manis

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Actor, Los Angeles, CA


Except from Jimmy's memoriam page:


Jimmy was born in Gary Indiana on April 18, 1939 to Nicholas & Katherine Manis. He graduated Horace Mann High School in Gary, In and on to Indiana University to Major in Fine Arts. In 1962 he was drafted by the US Army, stationed in Fort Hood, Texas and honorably discharged in 1964. After the Army he moved to New York City/Greenwich Village where he successfully followed his ambition at HB Studios acting school with Uda Hagan & Herbert Berghof. In 1966 was with The Fourth Wall improve group with Marsha Wallace and writer, producer, actor, Jeremy Stevens, He was featured in several movies & commercials: 1970 Loving with George Segal & Eva Marie Saint; 1977 Breakstone commercials as Sam Breakstone's Helper, which ultimately lead to his most notable character Aldo Cella, spokesperson for Cella Wines for 9 years, 1977-1986; 1979 Going in Style with George Burns, Art Carney & Lee Strasberg. He retired as Aldo Cella in 1986, but continued to work in both motion pictures & TV shows.  In 1987 LA Law, 1991 Defending your Life with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep, 1992-1993 Knots Landing and 1994 The George Carlin Show. A small sampling of his professional gigs can be seen on the James Manis Website.





James Manis and Lisa

Jim and Lisa

James Manis in Chicago early 1970's

Chicago early 1970's

Jane Street Block Party, Greenwich Village, NYC

Jane Street Block Party